Moore and Moore in conjunction with Freehand Natural Wine invite you to share a Farm to Table dinner with them.
Join us and treat yourself to a exclusively Farm to Table dinner complimented with wines from Freehand Wines for only $94pp


-Canapes on arrival

-2015 Freehand Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
Emu carpaccio with Lemon Verbena and wild leaves – 2015 Freehand Shiraz

-Bower spinach, Rosella and wattle seed

-Gold band snapper with Aniseed myrtle and sandalwood nut – 2015 Freehand Semillon

-Goats cheese, Samphire and sweet Rainbow beet – 2014 Freehand Merlot

-VitAli You’s Warm quandong and pear cake, macadamia caramel, wild lime and roasted sandalwood nut icecream – 2002 Freehand Pedro Ximenez

Expect surprises, with Simon foraging for delicious locally sourced ingredients!!!

Paleo & Vegetarian options available.

Please email us your dietary requirements or any other queries to

Tickets are available now from

Simon Naber Owner of Moore and Moore has been a chef
for 20 years. He began working in a commercial environment
and was drawn to working with whole foods. Through constant improvement and experimentation he became a strong advocate for farm to table fresh produce. He understands the health benefits of eating quality well sourced whole foods, biodynamic, wild harvested and foraged where possible, and that everything we put into our stomachs and onto our bodies influences our health. He knows where to source the best in natural foods and products to support inner and outer health and beauty.

Ali Glowing has been in the health industry for more than 10 years and has a passion for seeing people change their lives by improving their health. She knows that good health begins in the gut and works holistically to guide her clients to create change not only through diet, but also through movement and exploring emotional issues which are preventing optimum satisfaction

in life. She has been an active health coach since graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and helps people to understand that there are many other factors affecting gut health other than the food they consume, which when addressed, can turn their lives around.

Working and collaborating together, Simon and Ali’s individual strengths is a positive influence towards helping people to make lasting changes in their lives by improving their health.

Freehand Natural Wine is an eco agri business committed to producing organic/biodynamic, small batch, hand crafted, premium quality wine without chemical additives both
in the vineyard and winery. The creation of this company is due to the collaboration of Matt Eastwell & Danni Paviour-Smith who have combined their knowledge and passion to produce the best quality preservative free wines, representing variety, region and process.

The grapes are grown on our unique, north facing vineyard west of Mount Barker which has been converted to biodynamics since 2007. The first Freehand wines
were produced in 2010 at a unique small scale winery situated in the heart of the Porongorup mountain range. Since then Freehand has continued to develop its range
to include Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and for sweets, port. Reverting back to a ‘european’ style of winemaking means employing concrete wax lined tanks, a 60 year old hand operated Italian basket press,100% barrel aged reds (18 month minimum) and going to bottle unfiltered and unfined. Wines made and grown in this way stand out. Cool climate viticulture, full bodied smooth tannins and flavours that will surprise and delight the palette with every sip.