Jump the Queue! Prepaid Coffee Cards & TXT4Coffee App

Prepaid coffee cards

We know that you don’t always have a lot of time on your lunch break or between classes…

Our prepaid coffee cards are the smartest way to jump the queue. Buy one for yourself or a friend or relative who uses Moore’s regularly and we guarantee you’ll be hooked!


You can…

1. Get a FREE coffee with every card.
2. Jump the queue and get your coffee super fast & easy at our Express Coffee counter.
3. Enjoy cash-free coffee runs! Someone else can get your coffee without worrying about the right change.
4. Become a super star by giving them to your loved ones. A great gift idea!
5. Forget about having enough cash for a coffee and save on the EFTPOS charges.


Simply prepay 11 coffees for the price of 10 by purchasing a prepaid take-away coffee card. Then next time you come in you can walk straight past the line at the door and hand your card directly to our barista. Your card will be ticked once to represent each coffee redeemed (multiple coffees can be ordered at once).


If you don’t have enough cash on you to buy 10 coffees at once, why not download the Text 4 Coffee app on your smartphone? It’s a free app that allows you to order takeaway food and coffee without having to actually come into the café. By the time you arrive your lunch, snack or coffee will be ready for you to pick up. As if that deal wasn’t sweet enough, you also get a variety of loyalty rewards and freebee’s through prolonged use of the app (who can say no to a free coffee!?)

We promise we’ll be trying our best to get faster and come up with Moore & Moore ways to reduce your wait time without reducing the quality of the product we serve. Never again will you get in trouble with your lecturer or boss! Well, at least not on our watch 😉


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